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Now that started the conversation!

By December 1, 2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

Our Religious Liberty campaign has proven to be one of our most talked about and debated topics ever. The majority of respondents felt as we do: frustrated that people of faith are often silent about the issues. On the other hand, many were quick to remind us, “Don’t you know there’s a separation of Church and state!?” To them, we suggest watching the video; we’re almost sure we mentioned that?

We intentionally mentioned roughly the same number of “right” and “left” issues and personas. We even say, “it’s not so we think more like Republicans or Democrats, but so that we think more like Christians.”

So maybe, before Christmas dinner goes silent, have another look at the video. With levity, charity and sincerity, we urge all people of good will to be active voices seeking a better future. You are free to believe. You are free to speak!

Three reasons for Christians’ self-imposed silence

1. Some Christians hold beliefs that are irrational.
2. We are worried we are forcing our beliefs on others.
3. We’ve been told religious views hold no public value.

Three reasons to break this code of silence

1. Religious liberty is under attack culturally and legislatively.
2. We must discuss and learn about these issues with other Christians.
3. Christians can model the civility and charity our culture needs.