Academic Enrichment

The St. James Catholic School Academic Enrichment Program is instituted as a service that provides a safe, creative, and loving atmosphere for the children of St. James School after the regular school day.  Call office for more information.

The Academic Enrichment Program is designed to meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of children between the ages of 5 and 13 through daily playtime, study hall, and prayer. There are many activities provided for the children, all intended to keep them positively engaged until school starts or they get picked up by their parent/guardian. This program is in place to give extra assistance to students with homework and school work.

The program is located in school Academic Enrichment room, where the learning experience is an academic enrichment opportunity for our students. Students may work on homework, and receive help one on one with math and literacy. Students may also quietly read, work on art activities, or use the computers to do research and word processing or math games/ skill drill and literacy based activities. Students may choose to learn how to play chess, or choose a board game they already know and socialize with other students at a game table. Academic Enrichment students also have recreation time out on the playground.

The staff members of the SJCS Academic Enrichment Program are committed to the well-being of every child and to the fostering of a positive relationship with each family. In order to aid communication between parents and staff, announcements and changes in policy will be sent home in a letter and/or posted on the board. To register for the program, contact the school office.