First, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on taking this profound step in your relationship!

For Catholics, marriage is not simply a joyful celebration but a living Sacrament in which Christ becomes present in and through the lifelong union of a woman and a man. Husbands and wives show the loving face of Christ to the world as a couple. As a couple, Christ charges you with this special mission, which we encourage to accept as your own. We want your wedding to be beautiful and joyful. Nonetheless, your marriage – which begins in earnest the day after your wedding – is the more important aspect of your union.

Basic Requirements

  • The Catholic Church affords the Sacrament of Marriage the seriousness it deserves. The Archdiocese requires that you begin to prepare for the sacrament at least 8-12 months prior to your wedding. Your first steps should be to reserve the church for your wedding and for your rehearsal.
  • We are pleased to be able to offer our church to Catholic couples from other parishes, provided they are registered at their home parish and can obtain a letter of good standing from their home pastor. Such couples are expected to complete their Marriage Preparation elsewhere.
  • If either party has been previously married in a Catholic ceremony, that marriage must be annulled before a date can be set for the wedding.

Preliminary Prep

  • During the eight months prior to your wedding you will meet with one of the priests at St. James Catholic Church at least twice. At your first meeting Father will get to know you and review the preparation process with you. Requirements include an approved Marriage Preparation course (usually over a weekend), completion and review of the FOCCUS (Facilitate Open, Couple, Communication, Understanding and Study) inventory and training in Natural Family Planning. As well, one of the priests at the parish will help you complete the necessary paperwork. Once you have begun the marriage preparation process please do not procrastinate, as due dates can sneak up on you – and cannot be adjusted. Although we are happy to help you, you are responsible for making sure that all the requirements have been met.

Necessary Documents

  • For Catholic(s), a current copy of each individual’s baptismal certificate (issued within 6 months of the wedding date) from the parish of baptism. The baptismal certificates must be given to the parish office. Non-Catholics are asked to try and obtain a copy of their baptismal certificate or baptismal record.
  • Marriage License – The State of Colorado requires a Marriage License, which is valid only for thirty days. The wedding cannot be performed without a license.

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