Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) & School Advisory Council (SAC)

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The vision of PTO is to consistently foster communication and support for teachers, parents and students by enhancing the school environment. The mission of our PTO is to support the financial, academic, spiritual, and extra-cirricular enrichment of St. James Catholic School through fundraising.

The PTO is comprised of an executive board including the Pastor and Principal of St. James, a president, a vice president, secretary and treasurer. All parents or guardians of a St. James student, the Principal of St. James Catholic School, and the Pastor of St. James Parish are members of our PTO. The executive board meets monthly to discuss information to be distributed to the members. Members meet as a community two times a year.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The St. James School Advisory Council (SAC) is comprised of five parents from the school as well as Fr. Jesus Garcia (the pastor of St. James), and Carol Hovell-Genth, (the principal of St. James).

The mission of the Council is to support the overall mission of St. James Catholic School. It is established by the pastor, in accordance with Archdiocesan policy and Canon Law, to assist the pastor and the principal in the educational mission of the school. The Council meets once a month at St. James School. The key areas in which the Council advises include:

  • Planning
  • Policy development and formulation for the operation of the school
  • Finance (including budgeting and policies for financial management)
  • Marketing, Development and Public Relations